Home Additions

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High Quality Home Additions

Feel like you need an extra room/working from home and want an office space or simply feel that your house is too small and you need more room for your growing family? RK Home solutions will work closely with you to allow for you to add that extra space while holding on to your home’s favorite features. There are endless possibilities for extending your home, and we will make sure that your personal vision is fully fulfilled. 

Home additions with extreme attention to details

While expanding your home can be very exciting, It also requires a lot of preparation and attention to details. Our experienced crew will navigate through various aspects that needs to be taken into consideration during the process such as city code requirements, HOA regulations, HVAC extensions to fit the bigger space, and if necessary changing original floor plans and house layout.

Types of typical additions

Enlarged kitchen: Make room for an island, walk-in pantry, and breakfast nook.

Second living room: Gives your family members the option of having guests simultaneously with enough extra room.

Master bathroom add on: If your home lacks a master bathroom, this is your chance!

Extra bathroom: give your guests the ultimate experience. In addition, an extra bathroom increases your home value significantly!

Extra bedroom: Whether you need it for guests or for your growing family, we got you covered!

Home Office or den: A high demand feature. You can have your own private office, where no one will bother you!

Sunroom: Enjoy the wonderful view from your house using this marvelous addition!